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Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
Well, I never had a page that said anything about me before, so here goes!
I am one of keith urban's biggest fans!! I have seen him in concert about 34 times so far...I have actually lost count! I used to keep track of every show, every city,  but we moved recently and I can't find it. Someday, I will find it again and post it here. (update: found it! Posted below!)
My name is Julia and I live in southern California with my wonderful husband, his son and our 2 kitties!  We travel to see keith a lot. My husband enjoys keith and his music almost as much as I do!
I started this website a long, long time ago, after I saw keith for the first time. It was right after Love Thing came out and was just starting to be played on radio. Our local country station, KHAY did a free listener appreciation show with keith. It was an acoustic show, just keith and his guitar. I had just bought the cd since we were going to the show. I had seen the Love Thing video and liked it. keith blew us away! He sounded great, his guitar playing was amazing, he was so funny and sweet! He played and played. To this day, I still say that was the BEST keith show I have seen. He did a meet n' greet after the show for whoever wanted to meet him. Well, the line was LONG! He was just as sweet and funny during the meet n' greet! At the time, I didn't have a great camera, so the pictures didn't come out very good, except for the meet n' greet pic, which I treasure!  My husband told him that he was "gonna' be HUGE" and that someday we would see him be named "entertainer of the century". He was very flattered.
After that show, we were hooked and started to look for keith to be playing around our city.  The last two times I saw keith, he remembered my name! I was pretty impressed! He's always sweet and he appreciates his fans so much. He gives his all on stage every night.
The "first" M&G pic!!
April 25, 2000
Julia and Steve
May 27, 2000
"Stash" named for his milk-mustache under his nose!
and "Hoochie" the baby girl!
A lot of people in the Yahoo keith urban clubs know me as "Lil_Angel64" which is my club/group screenname. I have met so many great people that I consider good friends through keith clubs and his music. Last September (2001) I went to Las Vegas to see keith perform 2 shows at the Las Vegas Hilton. I met up with about 10 girls from the clubs and we hung out the whole weekend. We have become friends and are planning another Vegas trip later this year! (Dec. 2002) A lot of us have run into each other at keith shows around the country.
The gang in Vegas, 2001!  We called ourselves "Hef's Girls" as keith said he felt like Hugh Hefner surrounded by all these "beautiful girls"!!
Front row: Brenda, Stacy, Pam, Natalie
Back row: Kathleen, me (Julia), keith (of course!), Varcy, Tammy. (Missing were Heather and Jennifer, who caught the second show.)
keith shows I have been to

Ventura (Top of the harbor Holiday Inn-KHAY listener party) April 2000

San Diego (Hubba Da Hula-After Midnite show-Humphrey's by the sea) 2000

Las Vegas (with Lonestar) Sunset Casino & hotel-November, 2000

KZLA Country Cookout 3-November, 2000

Mississippi-November 2000

Gig Tours Bus Trip-Florida-Broward County Fair-November 24-27, 2000

Gig Tours Bus Trip-Florida-The Round-Up-November 24-27, 2000

Las Vegas (Roxy's) March, 2001 (St. Patrick's Day)

Sizzlin' Country CF benefit-Burbank, CA. 2001

San Bernardino (w/Brooks & Dunn tour)

Bakersfield, CA-Sept. 27, 2001

Las Vegas- (2 shows with Trisha Yearwood) Las Vegas Hilton-Sept. 28-29, 2001

Orange County Fair July 21, 2002

Sizzlin' Country CF benefit-Burbank, CA 2002

Michigan-August 2002 Pine Knob-Clarkston, MI

keith urban taping of Family Feud 2001

keith urban taping of The Wayne Brady Show Oct. 2002

House of Blues-Anaheim Oct. 2002

Roxy's-Hollywood-Oct. 2002

Las Vegas (3 shows with Trick Pony)-Las Vegas Hilton Dec. 6-8, 2002

Uniersal Amphitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles (w/Deana Carter & Kenny Chesney) June 19th, 2003

October 4, 2003...Nashville, TN. Max it Out for Meningitis benefit show

MWL Taping with keith at The Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, October 2nd, 2003.

Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV. December 11-13th, 2003 (3 shows with Craig Morgan)

August 9th, 2004 Ventura County Fair

August 20th, 2004 Sunset Station Las Vegas, NV

August 21st, 2004 Pechanga Casino Temecula, CA

December 11th, 2004  House of Blues Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

January 20, 2005  CMT's Crossroads taping w/John Fogerty Union Station, Los Angeles, CA

THIS year's Vegas bunch! Missing a few from this picture as well. December, 2002. Hope to do it again next year!!
December 2003. Pam, Julia, Natalie & Jennifer-the girls in black! Before the show.