Urban Added to Canadian Awards Show

Keith Urban has been added to the list of participants at
the 27th annual Canadian Country Music Awards set for Sept.
8 in Calgary. Shania Twain will present the Hall of Fame
award to Sylvia Tyson, a singer-songwriter who melded
country and folk during the  and  as part of the
duo, Ian & Sylvia. Also performing on the awards show are
Wynonna, Terri Clark, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Aaron Lines
and host Paul Brandt.

August/Sept. 2003 News
Urban/ Rimes In Australia
Updated 02:12 PDT Sat, Aug 09 2003
Country music fans in Australia and New Zealand are in for a treat this October. Keith Urban and LeAnn Rimes are hitting arenas on a co-headlining tour for eight shows exclusively in the two countries.
Promoter Michael Chugg said the tour is a "double-bill that U.S. audiences would kill for."
While that might be a bit of an overstatement, country lovers the world over will no doubt be jealous of the special billing. Both artists are at the top of their game and have been relative rarities on the Aussie touring scene.
Although Urban is from Australia, he's really hit the big time in the States where his record sales are approaching two million. He just launched into yet another tour at the start of August, this time with Phil Vassar.
As for Rimes, the outing with Urban will mark her first tour Downunder since 1997 when, as a 13-year-old, she landed on Australian soil in support of her hit album, Blue. Last year, she released her Twisted Angel album and is currently touring behind that in the States.


Keith goes Platinum!!!
Keith Urban gets his first Platinum record, marking sales of more than one million albums, for his current release Golden Road. The album contains the #1 hit single, "Somebody Like You," the Top Five "Raining On Sunday" and his current Top Ten hit, "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me."

"Golden Road is all about freedom," Urban says, "and I'm just so grateful that so far a million people are looking for it with me."

Urban has built a reputation as one of country music's most talented and hard-working performers, since his solo album debut in 1999. He won both the ACM Top New Male Vocalist Award and the CMA Horizon Award in 2001.  "Somebody Like You," the debut single from Golden Road, spent a record setting 8 weeks at #1 making it one of the most successful singles of the year.  During Kenny Chesney’s Margaritas & Senoritas tour, Urban earned critical raves for both his musicianship and for the charisma he shows on stage.

"I think that everyone, both inside the business and out, expects Keith to be country music's next superstar," says Capitol Records Nashville President & CEO Mike Dungan. "We're just getting started."

Bill Kennedy, VP of Sales for the label, adds, "Keith Urban is one of the most prolific talents in music today. The Platinum success of Golden Road is well earned."

Urban will be touring in Canada throughout the month of September, then heads to his homeland of Australia to tour in mid-October.
from countrywired.com

Keith Urban's 'Golden Road' Becomes Platinum
Wed Sep 3,10:00 AM ET 
LAUNCH Radio Networks
Keith Urban is celebrating the success of his very first platinum-selling album, Golden Road. The project, which was released last year, has sold over a million copies and produced three Top 10 hits, including the eight-week Number One hit "Somebody Like You."

  According to Urban, the album's title is not directly related to any one song on the project, but instead defines where the singer is professionally. "To me, it just represents a place--an ideological place, I guess--and to some degree where I feel like that I'm at in my little musical journey, you know?" Urban said. "To me, the musical journey is the golden road. It's life. It's finally finding a good patch of road, and fortunately I made a record at that time, when I was right in the midst of finding that good piece."

For Urban, part of being on the "golden road" is realizing his dream of being a successful singer-songwriter, and most importantly, getting to entertain fans with his live shows. He explained, "I think to still make records and to be able to tour, get up on stage and play, which is... my lifeblood is playing music, whether it's recording it or playing it live or listening to it. To be able to keep doing that every day that I get up is absolutely to be on the golden road."

Urban recently wrapped things up on the top-grossing Margaritas & Senoritas tour with headliner Kenny Chesney.

His current single from Golden Road, "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me," is a Top 10 hit on the country singles charts.


Sep 4, 2003
By Capitol on Capitol's website
Keith Urban is hot among Louisville ukelele players. Over at Bellarmine University, teacher Mary Lou Dempler has added Keith to her curriculum. All ukelele students own GOLDEN ROAD and have the sheet music to "Somebody Like You." When the bell rings and class begins, it's time to pick along with Keith. "His music is really hot, and you need that to get 19 and 20 year old kids interested," says Dempler, who also teaches guitar. She notes that members of the Louisville Ukelele Association Unlimited are big fans, too. "People think ukeleles are only for Hawaiian music, and they're so much more," she says. Keith would be sure to agree. He started out playing a kid-sized ukelele when he was just a wee thing in Australia.


Keith Urban is scheduled to perform on CMT's new 90 minute MWL show.
Keith will be appearing on October 4, 2003 at 6:30 PM EST. Don't miss
it! For more information about CMT Most Wanted Live log on to
Clay Walker Records Keith-Penned Song
Clay Walkers new album, A Few Questions, will hit the store shelves this Tuesday, September 9th. You will find a song co-written by Keith on the album called, 'Coming Back Again.' The song was written by Keith, Wayne Kirkpatrich and Gordon Kennedy. To top it off, Keith plays guitar on the song as well!
Make sure to try to pick up a copy of Clay's new CD on September 9th!
You can visit Clay's official website at www.claywalker.com for more information on his new album including Clay's thoughts about the song and you can even hear a short soundclip!
Thanks for keithurbanfans.com for this tidbit!

Says Clay: "For whatever reason, almost every album of mine has a song written by another artist....
...Keith wrote a powerful song-an anthem, really. It's got a great guitar part and he's playing it."
Go to Clay's site for the whole quote.

Heart strings, guitar strings
Country star Keith Urban makes the ladies swoon. And he's a pretty good musician, too
Heath McCoy 
Calgary Herald

"Ask if he's single," said the hastily scrawled sticky note that was stuck to my phone recently, as I was conducting an interview with Australian country music star Keith Urban.

The writer of the note wasn't just some star-struck groupie girl either. She was a well-known columnist for the Calgary Herald. A woman of some dignity.

And yet, when she overheard me talking to the tanned, blond guitar slinger she couldn't help herself.

Not wanting to let her down, I asked her question, but not before explaining to Urban the circumstances from whence it came.

He seemed to get a kick out of it. He also seemed to be used to such an excited response from his female fans and he passed on the flirty reply: "You can tell her I'm not married." I didn't have the heart to tell him that my reporter friend is. Married, that is. I felt like I'd be spoiling a special moment between them. Certainly from her end.

There's do doubt that Urban, 35 -- who will be performing tonight at the Canadian Country Music Awards and then again on Tuesday at the Stampede Corral -- is a world-class babe magnet. One couldn't mistake the giddy screams from the audience when Urban performed at last year's CCMAs. It was even more obvious when he appeared at a post-awards party at the Fairmont Palliser and nearly every woman in the place swooned when he entered the room.

Urban doesn't mind such attention at all. "Given my sexual preference, it's better than having the guys swoon," he says. As long as the heartthrob thing doesn't get in the way of people appreciating his music, that is.

But the country-rocker doesn't have much to worry about from that end. His latest album Golden Road has been all over country radio stations in Canada since its release last year. And Urban is also making major inroads in the United States, where the album recently went platinum (one million copies sold).

But the singer and guitarist, who raised in the tiny Australian town of Caboolture, north of Brisbane, feels like he has a kinship with Canada.

"Canada definitely embraced me faster than the U.S.," he says. "Something feels very much like home over there. It did from the first time I played Canada."

Part of the bond Urban feels with the Great White North has to do with our country music scene. "Coming to the CCMAs feels a lot like going to the country music awards in Australia," he says.

"Everyone gets so caught up in Nashville. That's it. The mecca. It's everything. And it's so great to go to other countries and find these thriving country music industries.

"Having been to the CCMAs, there's such a passion for it to be as great as it can be. There's such camaraderie backstage and there's still this rawness to the whole thing. It's refreshing and inspiring."

Urban also relates to Canadian country artists who, like him, have felt like outsiders trying to break into Nashville, the door to international success.

After establishing himself as a country music star in Australia in his early 20s, Urban opted to leave his comfort zone and headed to Nashville in 1992, where he found himself back at the bottom of the totem pole, struggling to make it to the top.

"It's the same pilgrimage so many Canadians have made," he says. "It took a lot of sacrifice, and being away from home all those years has been tough. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder."

In addition to the CCMAs, Urban is also looking forward to his Tuesday gig at Stampede Corral. He was originally scheduled to perform the Corral gig in February, but he was forced to cancel when he suffered from a hemorrhage in his vocal chords.

"I couldn't even speak," says Urban. "The doctor said if I gave my vocal chords a rest, the problem might correct itself and I could avoid surgery."

But Urban adds that he's both surprised and grateful at the number of fans who kept their tickets rather than seeking refunds, holding on to them for the Sept. 9 show.

"It makes me feel so appreciated," Urban says. "You can tell those fans, I'll be giving my best."


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Keith Urban followed by Rodney Crowell (Jan. 17) Australian Keith Urban fuses rock elements with traditional country for a unique, chart-topping sound. The 2001 Country Music Association Horizon Award winner performs hits from his Golden Road CD. Singer/songwriter Rodney Crowell has a decades-long career that has made him one of the legends of Texas music. Highlights include songs from Crowell's recently released CD, Fate's Right Hand.

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