and sponsored this "aussome" contest and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. A friend of mine won and asked me to go along as her guest.  The contest winners got to go on a luxury tour bus and follow keith urban from Nashville, TN. down to Florida on his tour. We saw 2 aussome shows in Florida and got to see what life was like on the road.  We had a blast hanging out with the band and the other girls on the bus. Here are some pictures from the trip! Everyone should check out GigTours website and try to go on a GigTour at least once!!
Our bus...nice ride, huh?
keith's bus...cute, but not as nice as ours!!
Donny, our GigTours host and part-time driver
(he usually drives keith's bus!)
Chad Brock and Shannon from keith opened for Chad in Broward County at the fair.
Side note: Shannon now works for XM Satellite radio...her broadcasting booth is inside the gift shop at the new Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and say hello!
Julia (me) and Stacy in front of keith's bus at the fair. Stacy was the winner from GigTours website and came from Washington state!
Mandy, Shannon, Dana, Stacy and Julia in front of our bus.
Producer Joyce was always BEHIND the camera! You might run into her in Nashville, too...ask for her when you drop in to see Shannon!
Randall (keith's guitar player) and Julia...on our bus.
Lori, Millard (keith's guitar player), Stacy and Mandy hanging out on our bus.
Scott, keith's guitar tech goofing around by keith's bus.
Dana (the CountryCool contest winner) , Julia, Mandy, keith, Stacy (the GigTours raffle winner) , Misty (our awesome road manager from BMI) , Lori (radio station contest winner) , Shannon (from CountryCool)
and Donny down in front.
Lori, Jason and Mandy. This being out on the road stuff is HARD!!   :)
Me and I said, rough life!!  :)
Stacy, Jason and Julia backstage before the show at the fair.
Me and Chad Brock. He stopped by our bus before his show. What a great guy! This was right after election time when the "chads" were giving them trouble down in Florida, where we were! He made lots of jokes about that!
Me, Donny & Dana after the trip.
Millard, the funny one! Still waiting for those peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches you promised!! :)
Dana, Stacy, Mandy, Donny, Julia and Lori after the trip at a really cool BBQ restaurant in Nashville. I believe it was called South St. BBQ. Very cool place!
Misty, our awesome road manager. She kept us organized, on time and having fun!!
Please click on the GigTours Logo above and check them out! You'll be so glad you did!